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Gaurav Ahuja
I am Gaurav Ahuja, a 40 year-old businessman from Faridabad, Haryana. I tipped the scales at 100 kilos in 2016 and I wasn’t happy with myself. I wasn’t quite happy being unfit. This led me to “I’ve got to change my life.”

I had to reverse my childhood habits. Prior to this decision, I “was not active at all.”

To break the myth, i started training under a certified trainer, and gave up on my day to day habits and avoided junk food. I kick-started my transformation with different running techniques as my conditioning levels were so poor that i “couldn’t run around the stadium running track.” I walked around the track until the day i was finally able to jog a distance.

However, in spite of performing as much as “about three hours a day” of cardio work, my weight loss results weren’t quite what i had hoped for.

I quickly realized I had to change my diet and I manually educated myself on proper nutrition.” I had a controlled diet staying true to my natural Punjabi instincts. I began to notice a difference “When I cut the soda out, things went pretty well from there”. I began exercising, portion control and opted for foods lower in sodium and free of preservatives. My new diet consisted of lean meats, grilled chicken, fruits, and vegetables. The results came quick as I dropped an amazing 30kilos, which gave me the confidence i needed. I was advised by a lot of people to take certain enhancers and steroids but I chose to break the myth and transform my body naturally.

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Stay Fit. Stay Natural. Break the myth.